Let's get you some Inky Cat posters :)
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{{answer_8653584}}, I have a limited number of A4 and A3 poster prints (157gsm glossy art paper) of the following: 

Pink Donut
Donut Cat
Gentleman Goldfish
Fighting Fish 
Totoro Storm Trooper

Please tell me which one you'd like, the size and quantity. *

Eg. Donut Cat A4 x1 , Donut Cat A3 x1, Goldfish A3x1
Do you require shipping? I'll send your posters in a sturdy tube for $10 anywhere in the world. *

If you require shipping, please enter your address below. If not, go ahead and skip this field :)

Don't forget to add your postcode. 

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A4 prints are $20AUD/SGD, A3 prints are $30AUD/SGD

International Shipping outside of Singapore to anywhere in the world is $10AUD/SGD extra.

When you pick your payment method, you will receive an email from me shortly with my paypal / bank details :)

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